Webinars and Videos

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  1. Planning for Peer Support Arrangements
  2. Orienting Peers to Provide Support in General Education Classes
  3. Peer Networks and Students with Complex Communication Needs



Peer Networks

School Psychologist Bryony Rowe discuss the benefits of implementing Peer Networks at King Middle School. Special thanks to the students and staff of King Middle School!


Peer Networks/TAALC 

Special Education teacher Katie Newton discusses the Peer Support Network Project, as well as TAALC – Teaching Age-Appropriate Academic Language via Communication, which are both projects of the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky. TAALC supports students with the most significant communication challenges. Ms. Newton discusses how the two projects complement each other. The student’s Peer Network is led by a community member, Gary Chidester. Thank you Mr. Chidester, Ms. Newton, and the students at Bate Middle School.


Peer Support Arrangements 

Special education teacher Katie Newton and Social Studies teacher Sarah Wall collaborate to facilitate a Peer Support Arrangement in an eighth-grade history class. Principal Sheri Satterly discusses how inclusion has carried over into other aspects of school life. Ms. Newton discusses the importance of collaboration and pre-planning. Special thanks to the students and staff of Bate Middle School.