Feedback from 2014 Regional Trainings

2014 regional trainings are now complete! Thank you to all the schools who came out to learn more about these important interventions. The following are quotes from school staff who attended their co-op regional training. We appreciate the positive feedback!

“I am very excited about this work. I now have much clearer understanding of this work and look forward to supporting teams in my region” – Co-op Consultant

“I loved all the information and how it can relate to our school.” – School Administrator

“This seems to be a powerful practice. My school will work to be more intentional when planning and placing peer supports” – School Administrator

“I want my whole district to hear this presentation.” – Speech Therapist

“I will use a lot of this to help my paras be more effective and decrease adult supports.” – Special Educator

“These are great strategies that will support students in our school.” – School Administrator

“Erik Carter is a fantastic speaker and his research is very beneficial to supporting students with disabilities. I always enjoy hearing him speak. He is motivating! Fan of the regional sites. Great support for KY teachers. Students and teachers will benefit.” – KDE Consultant

“The overall training was informative and provided information that all schools could implement in the daily school schedule. Exciting!!” – Special Educator

“Real ideas to take back and improve our school!” – Special Educator

“I am just very excited about what I have learned today and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this population of students.” – Special Educator

“Practical strategies to use-as a first year teacher this information is invaluable!” – General Educator