January 2016 Pilot School of the Month is Field Elementary School

The Kentucky Peer Support Network Project is pleased to announce that our pilot school of the month for January 2016 is Field Elementary School in Louisville! Field Elementary has been a pilot site since fall 2014 and has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to expanding friendships and inclusive activities for their students with developmental disabilities.

Field Elementary currently has peer networks active for 3 students with disabilities in their school (focus students). These students meet weekly with their peer networks, a group of two (2) to three (3) peers, for approximately 30 minutes. This time allows the students a chance to catch up, play a game, do an activity together, and just hang out and talk. In one of the networks, the focus student and peers communicate with each other by using the focus student’s communication system as well as speaking.  Communication systems are cool!

Field Elementary also has peer supports in place for 3 of their focus students in science class, social studies classes, ELA class, and recess.

We are proud to work with dedicated educators like Jessica Rockhold and Jaime Pantess as well as their instructional assistants and general education teachers at Field Elementary School.  They did a tremendous job of presenting the work of their school at the JCPS Low Incidence Summer Institute last summer.  Students at this school are making a difference in each other’s lives and are building meaningful relationships.  This is particularly evidenced by one 5th grader from last year whose friendship has continued on in middle school!  Be sure to check our blog each month to read about more pilot schools of the month.